Lapainierung IMG_0175Detail Tabernakelschrank

All of the object designs arising from my intense contemplation of nature are produced through my trademarked label UNIKAT.

My Lapainier technique allows furniture to be given a surface inspired by furs and skins. Disassociation and a mix of materials transform this into a gorgeous veneer, distanced from the original context.

The Lapainier process includes a wide range of colour combinations drawn from fauna, such as agama lizards, green emerald lizards, blue karakul lamb fur or abalone shell, which when blended with subtle metalwork give a stunning covering to the items of furniture (unique pieces), and also to jewellery and small objects.

Other designs: Interiors (Mode Hannelore Kirchner, Snack bar Frankowitsch, Atelier Tornquist, …), Spaces of illusion (Lindenhaus / Graz, Atelier Tornquist, Snack bar Frankowitsch, …)