Tornquist Raum und Farbe im Atelier

Colours, surfaces and structures from nature are for me a key impulse in the design of interiors. Walls and objects are given colours that express natural phenomena, such as light and shadow, warmth and cold. I create colour spaces in which the individual colours mutually enhance one another. My colour design for interiors frequently integrates a glimpse of nature. Thus my design for the drawing room of an elegant house was based on a Norway maple (Acer platanoides ´Crimson King´), producing a blaze of colours with garnet red, gold and copper.

These designs are often accompanied by old craft techniques, including the production of multi-coloured patterned terrazzo (Frankowitsch commercial premises), made by P. Pasquali, as well as wood cement screed, and Stucco Veneziano (Mode Hannelore Kirchner), which was mixed according to an old formula, applied by hand in individual layers after previous sanding and not machine-made as a pre-manufactured mass product. (see Editiones Atrium S.R. “The Best Shops” Women’s Fashion volume 2, pp. 336-345, Barcelona 1990)

I attach great importance to finding detailed, function-related solutions whose visual appearance reveals the special purpose for which they were made, for example bottle shelving (Frankowitsch delicatessen).

For façades, including historic façades, I have, in collaboration with the Bundesdenkmalamt (national heritage agency), developed colour concepts that take into account the results of targeted basic research and the historic context, which are then incorporated into colour schemes. Some of this work can be seen in the results of a fruitful cooperation over many years with the international artist  Jorrit Tornquist (Façade TU Graz, Villa Auer Pörtschach/Wörthersee) and others in their continuation and further development, such as the façade on Bindergasse in Graz. This design consciously echoes the pale red of the neutral plane from the upper storeys as the colour of the shop window frame, heightening the piercing, as it were, of the dull grey of the ground floor level façade with a bright red glaze.


Other designs: Unikat (surfaces, colour designs, objects), Spaces of illusion (Lindenhaus / Graz, Atelier Tornquist, Snack bar Frankowitsch, …)